Skilled technical team

With a team of experienced , highly technical with carefully trained to bring the best performance .

Modern equipment

With the most modern equipment to ensure the quality world products

Technical supervision

Accountable and the technical supervision work seriously .


Tannan Vietnam Company Limited would like to send customers the most respectful greetings and sincerely thank Your attention to the products and services of our company during the past years. Tannan Vietnam Company Limited established in May 28 02 , 2012, is now 100 % invested in Japan . Headquartered in Lot C11 - Dinh Tram Industrial Park - Vietnam Yen district - Bac Giang Province with an area of ​​8554 m2 and a total investment of approximately 150 billion dong.Cong it switches Company PRODUCTION OF PROCESSED PRODUCTS AND CASTING MECHANICAL MOULD FORM used in electronics , refrigeration , mechanical , ...

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The latest pictures of the staff in the company